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Revolution Slash

Where lust, smut and sex means the same thing...

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NOTICE: I am sorry for the lack of everything going on in the community. Please check back for updates and such

Welcome to Revolution Slash!

This is a community for Harry Potter slash. If you do not know what slash is, i encourage you to look it up somewhere on the web. ^^

In this community you are free to post up anything thats Harry Potter slash related. I'm looking forwards to having Draco/Harry stuff up (-cough-bigfanofit-cough-) but everything related to HP slash is very very welcome!

Just a reminder to please post fanfics, pictures, and anything else under the lj-cut. Except if you want to show a few (3) preveiws of your icons before-hand, go right ahead. For big batches i ask you to place it under the nifty cut. Don't know what the lj-cut is? < lj - cut text =" insert what you want in here, be it fanfic or pictures! ">

And I am Rika, the mod of this community. If you have any questions, please feel free to IM me on AIM, e-mail me, or post a comment in the journal.

Also, please JOIN the journal and not just steal from it. please leave a comment if you are taking anything, or at least do it sometime within the 24 hours that you take it. i want respect for these great people. ^_^


Conest as of August 12th, 2003!

Make an icon for the community for get it up and running again!