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Theres more to this fic than first meets the eye. Let me know if you want more chapters please :D The Stars We Are

Chapter 1

The stars we are
And stars we’ll be
Just you and me.

Lyrics by Marc Almond
From the Song and Album
The Stars We Are


September the 1st. Harry was on the Hogwarts Express for his 7th and final year at the School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. He threaded through the corridor of the train’s carriages, looking for Ron and Hermione. He had been late in arriving at Kings Cross and had only just managed to get the door open and get himself and belongings inside before the high hiss whine of the trains’ whistle blew to signal its imminent departure. Now he was in search of his two best friends and was checking each compartment for the length of the train. Just as he was about to slide another compartment door open, hand poised above the handle, it opened anyway.

“Looking for someone, Potter?” Standing in the door way was the elegant yet deadly Draco Malfoy. New Head boy, his opposite number this year? Hermione Granger. Filled with self-confidence, left arm raised to support himself on the frame, right hand still on the door handle, Malfoy stood smirking. His already raised eyebrow arched higher, clear grey eyes sharp and questioning. “Well?”

Harry took in the sleek blond hair, the cool slate eyes with starkly contrasting pupils of jet, the silver earring, the pierced lip and eyebrow, (and pierced tongue, Harry had, had that poked out at him often enough when he first had it done in the fourth year.) the black robe, the white shirt with open neck, the silver serpent pendant hanging delicately at Malfoy’s throat. A murmur of arousal fluttered through Harry surprising him. He blinked and coughed.

“Umm. Looking for Ron and Hermione.” An upward flicker of thick, dark lashes and Harry’s emerald eyes looked straight into Malfoy’s.

“Ah. The ginger weasel and the mouthy mudblood. Figures.” Malfoy’s lip curled slightly, giving away the deep lying malice he held for Harry’s long-term companions.

Draco took a step forward. “Well as much as I’m riveted by this scintillating conversation Potter, I really must use the lavatory. (Lavatory, never toilet, the Malfoy social etiquette wouldn’t allow it) Now if you would kindly get out of the way, I can go before there’s a mess.”

Harry took a step backwards but there wasn’t much room in the cramped corridor and Malfoy had to squeeze past Harry at extreme proximity.

“That your wand in your pocket Potter, or are you just happy to see me?” Malfoy grinned wickedly. Perfect white teeth.

Harry blushed a deep crimson and hurried on to try the next carriage, unable to think of a retort. Malfoy’s remark insinuating Harry’s homosexuality closer to the mark than Harry cared for it to be. Malfoy continued grinning to himself and strode off in the opposite direction with a swish of black robes.

Harry finally caught up with Ron and Hermione 10 minutes before the Hogwarts Express arrived in Hogsmeade. He opened the door to their compartment and was greeted with a flurry of arms and legs. Hermione struggled to straighten her skirt, which had ridden up far more than was appropriate for a Granger (upper-middle class muggles have their standards too). Ron was hurriedly buttoning up his shirt, his face perfectly matching the flame of his hair.

He hadn’t been quite quick enough in doing up his buttons however. Harry had noticed three red scratches across his friend’s chest and smiled to himself. Harry’s mind inexplicably flashed to an image of creamy skin with identical scratches on it like crimson cracks in porcelain, above them a glint of a silver serpent. Harry shook his head shocking himself with this sudden discordant desire. As quickly as it arrived the thought dissipated.

“Er hiya Harry.” Ron’s sheepish voice brought Harry’s wandering mind back to the current situation.

Harry grinned. “Hey Ron, Hiya Hermione.” He flopped into the seat opposite them, “Having fun?” Harry began to chuckle.

Ron and Hermione looked at one another, then at Harry and began to laugh themselves. Soon the three were helplessly laughing, stomach constricting, painful but delicious laughter that continued until the train pulled to a steaming, hissing halt. The trio were still suppressing giggles as they alighted onto the lamp lit platform, drawing stares from their fellow students.

“So how come you were so late getting the train?” enquired Ron breathlessly as they hurried towards the carriages that were to take them up to the castle. “We thought you weren’t coming Harry!
“My uncle Vernon.” Smirked Harry “Refused me a lift at the last minute, had to get the sodding bus.”

“What a bastard!” Hermione exclaimed unexpectedly.

“Hermione Granger that’s no way for a Head Girl to speak!” Mimicked Ron in a mock ‘posh’ voice. This sent all three of them all into peals of fresh laughter.
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