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Intro and spreading the joy.

Hello, my name's jenna. I've been a pretty big slash fan for a looong time, so it was only a matter of minutes before I got into HP. :D So, did everyone enjoy Ron's voice changing?! And how about the Lucious Lucius? I think I've become a *very* big lucius fan in a short time... must draw more of him... and Remus, James and Sirius in any combination. hm... so I'm a bit of a fanartist. Here's my collection:


Harry and Malfoy having great fun

Shounen ai:

Get yer hands off, Colin!
Some father son bonding...
Harry and ron... sitting *on* a tree??

Good old fashioned fun stuff:

Varry and Ronwood
After seeing the "butterflies" scene, I think I would cast Ron differently
Be afraid...

Does anyone else do fanart/know of some really good sites? Or sites with doujin!? :D~~~
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